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Professional development support for Literacy and Basic Skills educators in Ontario


ESKARGO and OALCF Implementation Strategy Resource A task-based approach and guide to OALCF Implementation with Practitioner Notes, Tip Sheets and Tools including an Initial Assessment, Learner Welcome Packages, Learner Self-Assessment packages for each goal path and Task Tracking Sheets. The Embedded Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Reference Guide for Ontario is a tool to support task-based instruction that links specific skills and knowledge to each OALCF competency, task group and level. The ESKARGO Attitudes Rubric is intended to help determine the extent to which attitude plays a role in successful task performance.

LBS Manager Guide to Staff Hiring & Performance Review This document contains the LBS Practitioner Core Requirements List - School Board Sector plus additional tools to assist programs in designing LBS Practitioner job descriptions, job postings, job interviews and performance reviews.

Planning the LBS Program This professional development course for LBS Practitioners has been newly revised to support task-based, goal-directed and learner-centred program planning in correspondence with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).


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This site offers professional support for practitioners who work with adult learners in the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program of Ontario. There are free, professional development courses for LBS managers as well as practitioners, video presentations and resources to support the new Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum, downloadable curriculum materials and resources, and links to key LBS websites. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, the six foundation modules of PD training are currently being revised and updated to reflect a greater emphasis on task-based, transition-oriented programming. The first four modules are now completed.

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